Rethinking reuse: Food waste seen through the lens of a resource.

Through Pioneers into Practice, a program by Climate-KIC, Inspiring Change will host young pioneers in the city of Novi Sad, in Serbia, to work together on a solution within the *Climate-friendly Food Systems and Diets* challenge.

Our organization wants to support young professionals who want to discover more about the food waste situation in Serbia and map the progress that’s already been made. During the placement, the Pioneers are expected to, through online research and in-person interviews, explore and think of new ways of reducing food waste in Serbia. Inspiring change will organize a design thinking workshop for them, help them structure their findings into a report, and organize brainstorming workshops during which we could collectively come up with solutions. The outcome would be the strategy for Serbian NGOs to collaboratively access the food waste challenge. The beneficiaries of the strategy would be the network of organizations in Novi Sad as a fertile city for changes supported by the European capital of youth 2019 and the European capital of culture 2021.

Aims of the project:

  • Create new business cases
  • Raise awareness regarding the fight against climate change
  • Services and business activity/plans
  • Transfer knowledge

Challenges the project is tackling:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sustainable city systems
  • Waste management

Our placement offers hands-on experience leading directly to the solution plan guided by sustainability and entrepreneurship consultants. The participants will get to know the network of civil society organizations in an emerging city recognized as the city of youth and culture. By working with Inspiring Change, participants can learn a new approach in management models, creative problem-solving, and turning circular ideas into action in the NGO and social enterprise sectors.

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[…] Within Pioneers into Practice, a program by Climate-KIC, Inspiring Change hosted a young pioneer Valters Muzikants from Latvia. Valters worked on research towards a solution within the Climate-friendly Food Systems and Diets challenge. […]

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