Erasmus+ Social Entrepreneurship as a response to youth unemployment

Throughout 2022, partner NGOs from 7 countries joined forces and implemented an Erasmus+ youth exchange project.

30 young people from Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Albania, and Turkey met over 4 occasions to discover the potential of social entrepreneurship in their countries and equip their skillsets with business tools for kickstarting their entrepreneurial ideas.

The experience

Project main objectives

  1. To raise the quality of the activities delivered by participating organizations aiming to fight youth unemployment through social entrepreneurship;
  2. To support sharing of good practices between the Programme and Partner countries on social entrepreneurship and fighting youth unemployment;
  3. To strengthen the network between the partners, raise their knowledge of Erasmus + Programme, and support the development of new ideas for local and international projects;
  4. To develop individual competencies of the participants of mobility activities needed to prepare, deliver and evaluate activities developing competencies of young people and their entrepreneurial mindset;
  5. To raise awareness of social entrepreneurship among the participants of capacity-building activities implemented by the partners in their communities;
  6. To increase knowledge of the participants of both types of activities on innovative elements such as design thinking, tools ‘young person company’ and ‘computer simulations;
  7. To support creating cross-sectorial-based partnerships in involved communities and to raise awareness of the representatives of various sectors on the importance of cooperation between youth, educational, and labor sectors in the process of fighting youth unemployment.