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If you are a pioneer in your industry, with a strong drive to bring creative, sustainable ideas into life, and build a stronger community, you can benefit from our programs.


Traveling and meeting inspiring individuals is a great opportunity to learn and share. We run programs that connect volunteers, artists, and young professionals. Sign up!


A smart man never misses a learning opportunity. Check out our training programs and courses, find your mentor, or gain from a hands-on experience.


Ready to make the first step and launch your ideas? Our accelerator program will help you find the resources and guide you through the whole process. You are not alone!

What is Inspiring Change?

Inspiring Change is a non-profit youth-led organization, with the main focus on education within social and creative entrepreneurship, sustainable business models, and green business ideas.

Dream Team

Meet the geeks behind the curtains, those who cannot wait for a project to finish before starting with new ones. Always full of ideas, with quite an appetite for positive change.

Nina Petrov

Project Manager

Organized chaos.

Predrag Topalov


Man with a plan.

Tea Jovanovska

Social Media Manager

Rising star.

They have said about us...

...but if you do not believe them, you are always welcome to find out yourself.
Valentine Emilia Bossert

Valentine Emilia Bossert

2017 resident

"Following from my time with Inspiring Change, I received 4 positive responses from residencies, 2 of which were the ones I really wanted to be part of. My motivation is now higher than ever and my projects are taking shape. I can only recommend to engage with this amazing organisation, which started with little means and grew quickly; decided to make this a better world for artists of all kind."

Joshua Strydom

Joshua Strydom

2018 resident

"I attended the Residency in Belgrade in August 2018, and I am changing my entire life because of the things I realized while there.. I am giving away all my stuff and leaving my normal life in Prague, for a more purpose driven reality. I am going back to Belgrade for a month, as I feel I have much more to learn there and then chasing a life of purpose and passion. I am gaining some clarity to questions I have been struggling with for years, and now asking more questions that have lead to this exciting, and drastic change."

Alvise Lindenberger

Alvise Lindenberger


"Inspiring Change was and still is a great help for organising our international Youth Exchange ConneXt. We have chosen this platform to keep young artists and creative pioneers from Serbia and Switzerland connected in order to continue the vibrant cultural exchange that took place in Fruska Gora this summer. Thank you guys!"


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