Sabrina Bellenzier, Italy

Sabrina Bellenzier is a visual artist and cultural operator born in Feltre (BL), IT. Her artistic practice mixes photography and performance art and it starts from the idea that the two disciplines share a common ground, both being connected to a  ritualistic, alchemical process of transformation and revelation. She is interested in the creation of a new mythology (personal and collective) / reappropriation of an old one, and in discovering hidden realities. As a cultural operator, she is focused on the concept of space, private and common, and she is interested in working on projects that are community-based and site-specific, that can create connections and spaces of freedom, using a specific approach based on activism and self-production.

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- Inspiring Change · фебруар 14, 2021 у 6:59 pm

[…] time, Inspiring Change introduced a training course & art residency which brought together emerging artists and art activists from 8 countries of five continents, in Serbia, from 6th till 18th of August […]

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