Our first artists’ residency hosted young people from five countries of Europe, which are working within fields of art and culture, for purpose of researching topics regarding active citizenship, the role of art in inspiring social changes and accessibility of art for the wider community. Through an open process of skill sharing, as well as active discussion rounds, results of the residency were long term empowerment and engagement of participants on chosen topics as well as establishing a platform for future collaborations and youth exchange between the countries.

Over the 10 days participants from Serbia, Ireland, Denmark, United Kingdom and Switzerland, shared living and working area in Kuşadası, Turkey.

What they said about this experience:

“I was part of Inspiring Change’s first residency in Turkey. As it was a young organisation, I didn’t know what to expect but decided to join nonetheless. The experience was very enriching. We were a very small team who very quickly managed to connect and together we decided what we wanted this residency to be about. Thanks to our different backgrounds and specialities, we were able to bring important skills together to work on our different career needs and teach each other. There I became an expert in looking for residencies and funding opportunities, and enhanced my aptitudes to build strong applications. Following from my time with Inspiring Change, I received 4 positive responses from residencies, 2 of which were the ones I really wanted to be part of. My motivation is now higher than ever and my projects are taking shape. I can only recommend to engage with this amazing organisation, which started with little means and grew quickly thanks to the perseverance and determination of its founder, who’s decided to make this a better world for artists of all kind.” – Valentine Emilia Bossert

“Inspiring change goes by the concept of bringing people with different skills together, to develop new ideas and to learn by doing. I discovered this as I participated in its first residency, in Turkey; We were five people with different creative skills. For a week, we sat on the rooftop everyday, exchanging knowledge for hours! While artist-residencies are seen as places where artists lives and makes their art, we shouldnt forget that aritsts needs people who are skilled at writing applications, criticizing, hosting exhibitions – these are all skills to be practiced and shared, and what better than share it on a sunny rooftop with coffee and cake from the neighbors!” – Henrik Kublick

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