The digital platform Inspiring Change Academy is an online venue for gathering the international cultural and creative community with the opportunity for people to connect, learn, share, co-create, follow current trends and be up-to-date with the CC industry and digital innovations in the industry, open a transnational dialogue with emerging young professionals and established experts in the industry to support the continuous growth, creativity, innovation, and resilience among the cultural and creative operators internationally. 

In 2019, an online platform was supporting the training course for artists and art residency program during the preparation period and gave the artists a chance to connect, develop a joint proposal, get in touch with their mentors before arriving at the residency in Belgrade. The same year, the platform has provided assistance in organising a theater festival, connecting a group of volunteers and performers from Switzerland and Serbia. The implementation of the festival has confirmed that the cultural operators had a great use of the specific site dedicated to their needs, and that the new software solution was needed since most young people were avoiding to use social media platforms (eg Facebook) for work.

“Inspiring Change was and still is a great help for organizing our international Youth Exchange ConneXt within Hajde! Festival on Fruška Gora in Serbia. We have chosen this platform to keep young artists and creative pioneers from Serbia and Switzerland connected in order to continue the vibrant cultural exchange that took place in Fruska Gora this summer. Thank you guys!” – Alvise Lindenberger, Switzerland

Video Tutorial on How to Use Inspiring Change Academy Platform